World Water-Tech Innovation Summit

January 10th, 2019|0 Comments

The 2019 World Water-Tech Innovation Summit is where water utilities from all over the globe come to find solutions to today’s challenges of digitisation, security, energy recovery and new water resources. Held in central London on [...]

Punching for PR19

October 3rd, 2018|0 Comments

So, the PR19 documents are submitted and it will be a long Christmas for some as OFWAT scrutinises every page of the water companies plans to see how they aim to meet the needs of [...]

Finally back to work after a lengthy maternity and covid break! Making the most of things with a renewed appreciation of life 🙏🏼

Scary facts we’re faced with in our industry, highlights how important innovation is right now #water #waterrecycling #futureproofing greenerwastete1 photo

When visiting London recently my 2 year old niece described the Thames as a chocolate river - pretty sure it wouldn’t be that tasty but I can see where she’s coming from! #outofthemouthsofbabes #pollution #bigcityissues greenerwastete1 photo

It’s a tragic day in the office when your favourite brew mug dies #teabroke #teabreak #stillgoing greenerwastete1 photo